Monday, March 4, 2013

What Are They Up To???

Here are a few pictures that we promised to those parents that did not get to hear from your son yesterday...                                         Well he is doing great.  
Yesterday was Monday, Zone pday and the boys all went to the small island by Ramonum (it is the small one in the back of the picture). They spent the day playing badminton and for lunch they took a few pizza's, of course they ended up with a little extra protein - ants - Yummy!!!
They didn't make it back in until dark and it was a rough ride back in. They needed to shower and then they had a zone meeting. By then it was too late for emailing.  But here are a few pictures for proof of life today.

You can tell by this picture the ones that had just arrived.  Elder Walters and Elder Vehikite (serve on Romanum), Elder Peck in blue (serves on Uman) Showered and dressed in white shirt and tie (Elder Allen) They all got a lot of sun today and if you can't tell, these guys are very wet.  Oh the life of a Chuuk Missionary.  It's days like this that make them strong and brothers forever!
Elders McEwen and Rainey.
 They have got the Chuukese hand signs down now.
Elders Vehikite, Allen, Obray, Rainey (way in the back), McEwan (in the front), slice of Bowers, Pita and Huppe
They are such great sports ~ when we tell them we need pictures for the blog they are all in.
Much ham and cheese. We sure have fun with your missionaries.  They are full of it!!! 
Tuesday is the time for shopping.  
Elder McEwen,  Sofele and Obray 
Still need to do more shopping.
 Companionship on Ramonum - Elders Vehikite and Walters
 It looks like it's going to be a nice ride back to the outer islands.  The water is beautiful today.
We ask Elder Pita, "How many sunglasses does one need to wear in Chuuk"?  "It's sunny today, Sister Tiffany. Will this make it on the fridge"?  "We will see", she says. "You always tell me that". He answers. 
Elder Peck is really happy he received a box today from his home ward.  It'll be a Happy day in Uman.
 Wow, now that's some food ~ we hope you boys can make it through the month.  But we know this is just a drop in the bucket for these guys.

Oh yeah, I am one cool missionary - watch me get through all this mud. 
Elder Pita & Elder Vehikite
Life is good in The Chuuk Zone!


  1. WOW!!!! you warmed my heart today! Thank you for the wonderful post! I still marvel that this amazing group of young goof balls can turn on that spiritual shine and preach the Gospel to ALL that will listen! What a prize they are!!! So good to see the new Elders' seamless acceptance and love into "the Chuuk Pack"! It is an amazing time to be an elder in the MGM!!!!!

  2. Thank you so much for these updates of our missionaries. Especially seeing Elder Vehikite. It has made our week. Thank you so much Sister Tiffany. How wonderful it is for technology so we can see our children across the world serving Heavenly Father. Thank you again. Love from the Vehikite Family :)