Monday, January 9, 2012

Children around Chuuk

Children are highly valued in Chuuk. They are considered to be a family's source of wealth and insurance for parents in old age. For this reason, parents create a nurturing environment and indulge infant needs. Although mothers are the primary caregivers, fathers and older siblings also tend to infants. They also receive a great deal of attention from extended kin and neighbors. Because of the importance of interaction in small island communities, infants are carried facing outwards, away from the holder. Infants typically nurse on demand and may be breast-fed for a number of years. Cosleeping with parents is the norm. Explains why these children are so smart here at such an early age.

Beautiful family from the Maun Branch that live high on the hill in the jungle.

This handsome baby boy is niner he was born on Dec 12 and weight 9lbs. So they named him niner a common name for Chuuk
Elder Johnson with Joseph kids from the Maun Branch.
District Presidents children and other family members.  

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  1. Thank you for bringing God's love to my people, my home. <3