Thursday, January 31, 2013

What a beautiful baby girl!

We are proud to introduce to you baby Rosemary Wainis, daughter of President Tarsi and Maryjane Wainis.  Born January 14, 2013
Sister Tiffany is pretty excited and proud to have her named after her... I think this little girl is going to be spoiled. She loves all the children and works very hard in the Primary with them.  This little one gives her a chance to hold one close. Mom Maryjane said she was going to have to massage baby Rosemarys nose to shape it different like Sister Tiffany's nose.  Chuukese normally have flat noses.
 Look at that little face and all that beautiful dark hair.  Sister Tiffany has always loved little brown babies and she is thrilled to have one she can spoil.
Yes Elder Tiffany is excited and loves kids too. Little Rosemary is a very good baby, she never fussed or cried the entire evening.  What a little angel.  Just like her namesake.
Can you believe she is just over 2 weeks old.  Look how aware and smart she is.  She was so alert to everything and everyone around her.  What a little darling.

Yes, another dinner party. . .

I guess they want to fatten the boy up a little before he is sent back to the states.  We had another party over at the District Presidents home with his family.  This is President Tarsi Wainis with Elder Allred.  

 Both Elders Jones and Allred are enjoying the chicken and rice that was prepared for dinner.
 The time has come that everyone has been waiting for --- dessert time

The slap game

~ These little darlings along with a couple of the boys sang for Elder Allred ~
Sweet, sweet music for the soul!

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Beautiful day for a baptism

This is one of Sister Tiffany's boys Gary nickname: "sukosuk" pronounced sookosook.
 It is such a blessing to share this experience with Elder Allred, it is his last baptism in Chuuk.  He has been teaching Gary for several months. The missionaries will continue to teach at Gary's house because he has a part-member family home.  
When we are baptized by immersion by one with the proper priesthood authority and choose to follow our Savior, we then are in His kingdom and of His kingdom.  At baptism we make a covenant with our Heavenly Father that we are willing to come into His kingdom and keep His commandments from that time forward, even though we still live in the world.
This is some of Gary's family, also 
Sister Tiffany's kids and she loves them all so very much.  

Family Home Evening Party for Elder Allred

~ This page is about our ZL
Elder Allred ~

When we arrived in Chuuk he was serving on the island of Siapan.  We met the Senior couple that was serving over there, Elder and Sister Jones and as we talked we expressed our love for our elders in Chuuk. At the time we had no idea we would be sharing our elders with them throughout our mission. We have shared 3 of our elders with them.  Elder Allred came over to Chuuk in April 2012 and served on the island of Uman.  We had the opportunity to work with him while doing GPS on that island.  We had some incredible tender mercies that we have already blogged about there on Uman with him. Then we had an even greater opportunity to get to know him when he became a zone leader.  We attend the same branch and got to enjoy Sunday dinners together.
Well, we are not the only ones that love this young man.  We had an FHE branch goodbye party for him.  The branch prepared a dinner and a few people bore their testimonies and thanked him for everything he has done for them and also expressed their love for him.  Then we played an FHE game.  Of course the Tiffany's team won the game
 < Go Koolaid > that was the team name...
The pictures here are a few of the families with Elder Allred.  You can tell how loved he is.  A lot of heavy hearts tonight realizing he is leaving them. 
He was given plenty of going away gifts to express their love for him. 
Chuukese always greet you with a gift coming and going.

~I'm not heavy, I'm your brother. 
 Elder Tiffany and Riaton love this Elder ~

 Everyone in the Zone will miss this young man 
and he will be remembered fondly.

Godspeed Elder Allred!!

Friday, January 25, 2013

Teaching from Sister Mecham

Sister Mecham is always such a wonderful FuN teacher/mom. She began by handing out a cleaning and maintenance chart for each apartment and companionship.  It explained what is expected from them each day, each week and month, also some general maintenance tips.  She explained further to them that she didn't like being the mean mom and she loved each one of them and wanted them to be healthy, strong and safe.  NOW onto the FuN teaching. . .
She asked if anyone had seen this object lesson, with 3 spoons and 3 glasses.
Elder Huppe was sure he could figure this out. . . 
Nope No Way!  Next...Maybe next time elder!

Then Elder Allred knew he could figure this out... Nope! Elder Tiffany said maybe together they could figure it out, let us try!

Well they almost were successful; they were on the right track but they still needed a little help. Sister Mecham had to step in and save the day.  In this object lesson you use 3 spoons and 3 glasses spread out in a triangle shape. You need to put all the spoons together and make a bridge strong enough to hold the scriptures on the glasses without moving the glasses.  Can it be done??? It sure can > try it at home and practice. This was a wonderful lesson about using the tools we are given so we are strong. Each spoon represented something different, one was for praying daily, one for daily scripture study and the other attending weekly church services.
NEXT Lesson. . . Elder Bowers is willing and ready to try > walk the line, do you want to choose one or both?  He is going for walking both lines ~ let's see how he is doing.
Is this possible??? Not even for a wrestler like Elder Bowers ~

the lesson here is, it is impossible to choose to walk both, she named them "The way of the world and The way of the Lord".  As we learn from 3 Nephi 13:24 No man can serve two masters; for either he will hate the one and love the other, or else he will hold the one and despise the other.  Ye cannot serve God and Mammon.

One more lesson - - - Elder Allred said for sure he knew this one, well he did and he actually showed Sister Mecham a new way to do it.
Take a piece of paper and cut it so you can put it over your head without tearing it apart.  The paper and the way it is cut represents when we get inspiration and trust in God, we can get things accomplished.  "For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways" Isaiah 55:8

We are grateful for the inspiration and loving guidance that Sister Mecham taught.  It is our prayer that we will be able to apply these teachings to our own lives also and share and teach to others.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

"Open Your Mouth and Teach"

From the beginning of our mission and at every zone conference our mission president tells us to, "open your mouth and teach"

Disciples of Jesus Christ have always been under the obligation to take His gospel to the world (see Mark 16:15–16).
Are we not all disciples of Jesus Christ whether we have a badge on our shirt or not?
Nevertheless, sometimes it is difficult to open our mouths and speak about our faith to those around us. While some members of the Church have a natural gift for talking to others about religion, others are a little hesitant or may feel awkward, embarrassed, or even fearful of doing so.

We went outside to do some role play and the zone leaders had each senior playing a certain person.  It was the first time for many of them doing it and they were nervous.  But it really does help them and the more they do it the better they get.

Statics for the past year ~ 2012 baptisms were 398, 396 confirmed.
That is the most baptisms ever recorded in one year in this mission.
Goal for 2013 is 500 that is 102 more than last year.

When President Mecham came out we had 60 missionaries in the mission. That was increased to 70 by June and then it dropped down to 52 for a short time.  The compliment has now been increased to 102 this year.  Currently we have 12 sisters and the compliment will be increasing to 28. We feel this is partly due to the missionaries opening there mouth and teaching and also because of the changes for those who can serve missions women at age 19 and men at 18. Our Heavenly Father is aware of our needs.   He guides us and directs us and as He hears and answers our prayers.
By April we will have 10 young people on missions from Chuuk State.

These pictures are after the role play ~ as you can tell they all survived the stress and now they are all posing for the repicturator.  We think we got some really great shots for it, right?
Elders Vehikite and Elder Huppe
"Dude really! What are you doing?"

Elders Sealander, Jones, Allen, and Allred
"Take it down pwipwi's, this is one crazy rap".
Elder Bowers and Elder Peck "Bond James Bond"
Elders Walters, Johnson and Pita
"thank you, thank you, let's move on -
I passed with flying colors".

Elders Pita, Rainey, Allen and Sealander
"Bring it in kewe pwipwi"
All the elders love the camera and they are not shy.  At least we have never meet a shy one.  They know we will be blogging and getting pictures out to mom, dad and everyone else, so ham it up guys!
Elders Rainey, Huppe and Vehikite
"Yup, were cool and we know it"

They have such a wonderful bond with one another ~ Chuuk elders are always incredibly strong and loyal. If your son is serving here in Chuuk state, we want you to know the brotherhood will always take care of him.  What they have is a bond that will be with them forever!  Look at them faces are they full of LOVE or what!