Monday, April 15, 2013

Last Family Home Evening with our Chuukese families

Monday night we had our Family Home Evening with the Mwan Branch. Like we have posted before, we are all family here in Chuuk.   
Sister Tiffany with two wonderful friends, Sarafina Walters and Tasisiana Walter with her daughter Rentoni, one of Sister Tiffany's primary girls that loves to help her everytime we are at the church. In the background is Elder McEwen, he does not know he is in the picture because he is not given one of his special poses.
 Here we are with Mama Isabel Walters. She is such a special lady and we love her dearly.  
This wonderful family belong to Junior - they wanted to give us beautiful gifts and dance for us for a going away gift.  We have built a wonderful relationship with this family. Merina and Junior couldn't come tonight because they are on a plane to Hawaii to get Junior the medical help he needs.
Roger Wolbert and Elder Tiffany. Roger has been our boat driver for the past 18 months. He has always taken extra special care of us. He is Tasiana Walter and Renti Wolbert son.
 ~ Us with Useless and the family - Juniors family ~
Sister Tiffany with one of her favorite boys - Ertin Walter this young man belongs to Herman and Sarafina Walter. He is going to be 12 at the end of April and will receive the priesthood. He promised that when he gets his mission call he will email her so she can come get him at the airport. 
Can you tell how much Sister Tiffany loves these kids?  Her heart is broken because she has to leave them and is going to miss them so very much.
~ Elder Tiffany with two special friends Malinta and Oriko ~
~ Sister Tiffany with two more of our special friends Marsine Joseph and Deutrimina ~
~ More love with the girls ~

~ and a couple special boys ~
~ Elder Tiffany with his good friend Riaton Newyear ~
 ~ This is Tanya with Sister Tiffany pulling goofy faces ~
For dinner the ladies made tuna fish sandwiches. They know how picky we are with the food here, so they figured we would enjoy a sandwich instead of the normal rice, fish and other local food. We have eaten their food but it is true, it is not a favorite of ours. The young elders enjoy it more than us. .
However..This was our incredible sunset tonight 

 The young elders didn't get enough to eat so they went down to the Trukstop for more food.
 Elder Hunter practicing his serious picture face - he was having a hard time doing it but was holding firm.
These guys just love the camera. For more pictures check out the FB mission profile.  
 Elders Obray, Sofele, Kleven and Elder McEwen
 Having these guys around just brightens up the room.  Always, always they are full of love and fun.
Tonight was very special to us and having our elders in for the party just made it all the better. Our heart is full and we feel very loved and blessed to be part of such a wonderful family.


  1. What is the name on the FB mission profile?

    Thanks you guys are awesome!!

  2. So great to see your pictures, there's lots of familiar faces in that crowd. Glad to hear of all your wonderful experiences. Thanks for being so diligent posting on your blog. Did you ever encounter a Sister in Mwan Branch named Antanita Juta? I think of her often and wonder if she is still living, and active...

  3. Elder & Sister Tiffany, I love your blog. My parents served in Chuuk when it was called Truk from 1981-82. At that time the Relief Society President was named Sawako Joseph. She had a baby girl who was named "Anta" after my mother whose name was Alta Miller. Do you have any idea if she is still alive and part of the church? I would love to ask you even more questions if this gets to you. Thanks from Leone Lee.