Monday, April 18, 2016

Elder Henry is on his last transfer

Sunday's email:

Hello Everyone!
Well my week was going really well. I'm going to have a baptism soon. that's cool another one that our transfer coming up, so this week is going to be a super busy week, because we have 2 MLC, and we are going to get transfer facts from our office, its been just crazy week. I hope that I get released from ZL next transfer that I can be a normal missionary and have more time to work. I love you guys and pleased keep in pray for me that I can do every I can for the 7 weeks left on my mission. Every thing is going really well, I try do every thing I can on my mission that long beach mission can see and count that i do enjoy my mission, I love each of everyone of you! once again thank you so much for so many great advices and prayers for me. you guys are the best.
Much loves
Elder Henry
3 Nephi 26:27

Precious email update;
Hello everyone! how was your week? I hope every thing is going well for each everyone of you. well my week was a fantastic. reason why because I have a baptism. bad news that I call to transfer to Huntington beach again. bad news because transfer and I was wise wash to that area. it was amazing how much my mission President trust me. he told me that I can do it the wise wash. that area that I'm going to, its kind really lower area, so my mission President asked me to going there and try my best to make that area to growth more. its funny because I have 1 transfer left, on my mission. so this is the truth, every single areas that I serving in, before I getting transfer, I always have baptism before I leaving the area, so that's why my mission president asked me to wise wash to there and do every thing I can for the last 12 weeks left. I love you all, keep it up the great work, I love my mission. mission its greatest thing that I ever did in my entire life. have a wonderful week and look forward to hear from each everyone of you.
~ Gal getting baptize is Jaime Ortega and her family ~

A little update on Elder Brandy Henry. He has served an honorable mission. It has fun to follow his growth in the gospel as well as his physical maturity. Can you believe how much his English has improved speaking, writing and teaching? We were hoping to have Elder Henry come stay with us after his mission however it is a requirement that he returns to his home ward. He will return to Chuuk, attend college, pass the needed test and then he can return to the states and attend BYU.  We look forward to helping him as much as possible and ask that you please be mindful of him in your prayers.