Saturday, February 9, 2013

Micronesia Guam Missions finest serving in Chuuk

~ Elder Johnson and Elder Pita ~ 
Elder Obray and Elder Pita
Elder Sofele from Sandy, Utah
now is the Zone Leader in Mwan Branch on Weno. 
Elder Obray, is from Salem, Utah he is serving in the Mechitw Branch on the island Weno.
The Elders love eating PIZZA at Trukstop after a long day of working hard.  
This is Elder Walters, he is from American Fork, Utah
he is serving on the island of Romanum.
Sister Tiffany just baked cookies and delivered them to the boys
and this one was pretty excited,
EW likes chocolate in his cookies
~ Elder Shakespeare giving Elder Allred the phone who is the NEW Zone Leader ~ I think he is happy to pass off the phone to his newby ZL - the phone is always ringing and keeps them busy with zone stuff to deal with.  Newest ZL gets to answer the phone, while the other in charge of other responsibilities.  
Elder Allred showing us his wood deals he made today and will be taking home with him back to the states
On the Right is Elder Allen he is from Montana,
he first served on the island of Tonoas
and is currently serving in the Sapuk Branch.
 Elder Johnsen is from Denver Colorado
and first served in Ramonum then in the Sapuk Branch,
but is now serving on the island of Tonoas. 
Elder Huppe is from Washington state, his family has since moved to Maine.
He first served on the island of Uman
and is currently serving in the Wichap Village.
Here he is with Wichap companion Elder Vehikite before the transfer.
~ Elders McEwen, Sofele, and Obray ~
~ I think Elder Peck is excited about his package ~
~Always giving it all for the camera ~
Elders Pita, Bowers, Peck and Obray
Elder Bowers - he is from Indiana and
is currently serving on
the island Uman with Elder Peck
Elder Allred ~ Crab for dinner anyone?
Elder Vehikite is from South Jordan, Utah
he first served in the Wichap Village and is serving on the island Romanum.
He is pretending to be sleeping while
he is waiting on the other elders to go to a meeting.
ZL Elder Jones always taking phone calls
except when we need him but we still
love the little whipper.
Elder Obray welcoming his new companion
Elder McEwan currently serving
in the Mechitiw area
Elder Allen welcoming his
new companion Elder Sealander
first served on Tonoas island together.

Elders Peck and Plotcher
Elder Kleven

Elder Vehikite and Elder Walters
Elder Lavitis and Elder Lina
Play it again Sam!  Elder Allen
When I have grown a foot or two.
I hope by then I will be ready
To teach and preach and work as missionaries do.
I hope that I can share the gospel
With those who want to know the truth.
I want to be a missionary
And serve and help the Lord while I am in my youth.

They knew their calling was from God. They prayed for His divine help, and they devoted themselves wholeheartedly to their work. We have really enjoyed serving with such fine young men this past 18 months and we have grown to love them.  They are amazing examples of Christlike servants and each family can be proud of the job they are doing serving the Chuukese people doing the Lords work.  


  1. That was a fun read and pictures. For us moms who were wondering about who was transfered and serving on what island that was very informative! Thanks for sharing your wonderful blog.

  2. Thank you Sister Tiffany for the update. We are grateful for the information. We really appreciate the information. Our missionaries seems to be happy and doing well. Which makes us happy. Thank you again.

    Vehikite Family