Sunday, February 10, 2013

Learning lessons . . .

As we sat today in Sacrament meeting,  I had a couple of thoughts enter my mind.  Here we are sitting in a church that has no windows, only screens, linoleum flooring, hard fold up chairs to sit on and a fan turning over head to keep the 90 degree temperature circulating the hot air.  As I sat listening to the speaker and trying to hear what they were speaking about, because they speak very soft and quiet here, I felt the spirit speak to me reminding me that “the Lord is no respecter of me”.  In the past I have pondered about that scripture and often have reflected on it.  I turned to a lesson that we are getting ready to teach and the title read; Live by Covenant, Not Convenience.  Normally growing up in the States we have many conveniences. I am sure I have over look many of mine throughout my life without thought.  
This year we are studying Church History and Doctrine and Covenants, we will read and learn about the suffering and sacrifices those early Saints endured, we might even ask ourselves, “How did they do it?  What was it that gave them such  strength"?  
President Brigham Young said it was the covenants with God, and those covenants burned like unquenchable fire in their hearts.  What does that mean?  To me it means to not let my life be governed by convenience, but rather by my covenant.  It is not always convenient to live gospel standards and stand up for the truth and testify of the Restoration.  It is not convenient to share the gospel with others or convenient to respond to a calling in the Church, especially one that stretches us and our abilities.  It can all be a little scary and intimidating at times.  But learning and teaching others that there is spiritual power that comes as we keep our covenant, helps me remember my covenant I have made to the Lord.  
We have missed many conveniences that we were used to and we have had to learn, stretch and grow.  Our biggest fear is that when we return home we will get right back in the saddle and fall right into the conveniences of life.  We pray we will always remember the blessing it has been to serve the Chuukese people and the lessons we have learned while serving.  We know we still many, many more to learn and much more growing to do but it is a start and we will continue on. . . Enjoying the journey of Life.

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  1. Thank you Sister and Elder TIffany, I love reading your spiritual messages. It's great and helps us here to be grateful. Heavenly Father is AMAZING :).

    Love Vehikite Family