Friday, March 29, 2013

Look @ Them

Can you say WOW!!! Look at all that incredible Priesthood power, this was such a beautiful sight to see on the Chuuk airport runaway. We had to get a picture to show all of you how great this was to see.  The people standing next to us said; do all those good looking guys belong to you?  And we proudly said Yes.
We will keep 6 of them here with us.  3 new elders in the field and their trainers. The others will go to other islands, such as Pohnpei and Kosrae with their trainers.
 It is such a wonderful blessing to have so many worthy young men entering the mission field.
~ Coming in through customs ~ Stop elders, let's get the Welcome to Chuuk picture! ~
President Spencer W. Kimball, who was then a member of the Quorum of the Twelve, made the statement that, "Missionary work is the lifeblood of the Church". He also said that were it not for missionary work, the Church would wither and die on the vine. That statement doubtless applies as much to us as individuals and families as it does to the Church as a whole. A failure to utilize our endowments and fulfill our callings as the salt of the earth may indeed cause us to wither and die on the vine.

~ Elder Huppe and Elder Hunter will serve in the Wichap Village ~
~ Elder Peck and Elder Plocher will serve on the island of Uman ~

 ~ The Chuuk Zone is changing. What a good-looking group of Elders ~ “Missionary work isn’t the only thing we need to do in this big, wide, wonderful Church. But almost everything else we need to do depends on people first hearing the gospel of Jesus Christ and coming into the faith. … With all that there is to do along the path to eternal life, we need a lot more missionaries opening that gate and helping people through it.” Jeffery R. Holland
We bear our own witness that missionary work truly is the lifeblood of the Church and that we have a divine commission to share the gospel with others both at home and abroad.  We know, nothing doubting, that this is the work of the Lord.  It is our great pleasure to serve with this dedicated group of fine young men.


  1. Wow ~ Six new Elders in Micronesia Guam Mission! Such exciting times to be flooding the earth with the gospel. Thanks for sharing :)

  2. You made our day! 26 days with out a letter (got one yesterday) then 4 in one envelope followed by these AMAZING pictures! Thank you for all that you do!!! It IS a wonderful tie to be serving the people in the MGM!!! Chuuk is blessed to have such great servants in these elders!

  3. Awesome thanks for the pictures. Do you have the address for Elder Hunter there in Chuuk. If you could send it that would be great. Not sure how long it will be until we get a letter from him with his address.


  4. Wow, such a great sight of new missionaries to join in the work of our Heavenly Father. It seems just yesterday we saw our Elder Vehikite just arriving there with the other missionaries. This blog is so great and very inspiring. Thank you Elder and Sister Wow love pictures if the new missionaries arriving. It does not seem long that we were looking at pictures of our Elder Vehikite just arriving there. Thank you Elder and Sister Tiffany for being good parents to our missionaries, love from the Vehikite family I'm Utah.