Monday, March 11, 2013

Please Pray for Junior

This is Junior - he is one of Sister Tiffany's boys from Sunday School.  He was baptized a few months ago by Elder Allred.  He has a brother that is only 1 year older than him and boy can they be busy.  Elder Allred nicknamed them The Things ~ Thing one and Thing two.  However, both boys absolutely love learning about the gospel and will sit and listen as long as you teach them.  
Junior fell out of a coconut tree and broke his femur.  He has been in the hospital with his leg hooked up like this since then.  It is amazing he is not on any pain medicine and he is still smiling ~ that rod is going in his leg to drain it. We went to see him at the hospital today and when he saw us he called us over with this big smile.  We wanted to check on him and take him some treats.  We also gave him some color paper and pencils to draw with to make the time sitting in the hospital pass.     

Probably in the states they would know exactly how to take care of this and he would be on his way.  There's a different way of doing things here in Chuuk though.  He has been like this for almost 3 weeks now.  Please pray for Juniors leg to heal so that he will continue to have a strong healthy full life.  He's a good and happy boy and we would like to see him stay that way.

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