Monday, March 4, 2013

After math . . .

The Zone Leaders, Elder Jones and Sofele, after everyone has returned to their assigned branches. 
The house was a mess - we don't want to scare anyone so we will not show a picture today.  

 Wichap Elders, Huppe and Rainey, - helped them clean things up before returning to their area.  All of the Chuuk missionaries work hard and need time with one another to continue doing an effective job building the Church of Jesus Christ in Chuuk state.

 All that work has given Elder Sofele some toe freedom.  Guess it's time to change the socks Elder. “Missionary work is hard work,” President Monsons says. “Missionary service is demanding and requires long hours of study and preparation that the missionary himself might match the divine message he proclaims. It is a labor of love but also of sacrifice and devotion to duty.”
Elder Vehikite
Missionary work in Chuuk not only makes you wear a hole in the sock but it makes you go gray. (Elder V.) Remember the qualifying statement of the Master: ‘Behold, the Lord requireth the heart and a willing mind.’ Missionary work is difficult. It taxes one’s energies, it strains one’s capacity, it demands one’s best effort—frequently a second effort. No other labor requires longer hours or greater devotion or such sacrifice and fervent prayer.”

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