Monday, March 25, 2013

This Is How We Celebrate

Today is Elder Jones' 21st Birthday and we wanted to have our last dinner with the elders from Sapuk and Mechitiw from the other side of the island so we decided why not make it a birthday dinner/celebration for Elder Jones.  We don't want to over look the fact that Elder Walters' birthday was yesterday but he is serving on Romanum and we cannot celebrate with him, we can only send a text wishing him Happy Birthday!
~ Elder Jones ~ the birthday boy!

When the Master ministered among men, He called fishermen at Galilee to leave their nets and follow Him, declaring, “I will make you fishers of men.” The Lord extended those calls to humble men so that through them others would hear the truths of His gospel and come unto Him. These young Elders are such men.
All lined up and getting a plate of dinner ~ you might ask what do you feed 8 hard working young elders on a Sunday afternoon?  Well today, they are getting pot stickers and stir fry with crab and to cool down the stir fry which Sister Tiffany likes to make it hot, she is serving cool whip fruit salad.
 We may not have a big apartment but it is sufficient for serving 10 people.  
Even if we have to sit on the rug to enjoy our dinner.  This is Elder Allen ~ what a stud he is.  
He is currently serving in the Sapuk area with Elder Pita.  
A few of the guys are happy to sit at the table.  They eat dinner on the floor everyday and usually without utensils.  Here at the Tiffany home, we do use the utensils.  They actually really like that, it's a lot less messy.
We have here Elders Obray, Pita and McEwen.  Elders Obray and McEwen serve in the Mechitiw branch.
Sometimes standing and eating is necessary but trust us they didn't stand for long.  Even these fine Elders prefer sitting down.  These two Elders, Huppe and Rainey serve in the Wichap Branch together.  

Happy Birthday Elder Jones!!!!
Elder Tiffany was so clever ~ he gave Elder Jones a Reeses Peanut Butter pie that our son Brady mailed out here.  Turns out it is Elder Jones favorite.  ET put a candle in the middle and everyone sang Happy Birthday! He made a wish and yes he did it, one blow ~ sure hope his wish comes true.
Now with dinner and  dessert time over it's time for some fun. Elder Allen trying to learn the birthday boy 's game of choice. They start off with "Big Booty"  This game is a hoot and makes us all laugh big booty time.
 Here we go big booty, big booty, big booty... We will soon a post video so you can watch it take place.
 They are learning and watching ~ this game was so funny and oh the laughing, these guys are great!
They are posing for family back home here ~ they said this is a proof of life picture. They are all going strong. 
These Elders know their calling is from God. They prayed for His divine help, and they devote themselves wholeheartedly to His work.
Now it's time for a new game ~ We're not sure we know what it's called but it was fun. It might be called the name game. You write down names of people everyone should or might know.  You decide ahead of time how many and then put them in a bowl ~ split up into teams ~ We had on one side of the room ~ "The Macho men" ~ on the other side "The come and get it",  You're timed ONE MINUTE... First round --- you get to describe the name without saying it, Second round - you get one word to describe the name, Last round only actions.  This game was a crack up to watch.  Even funnier when someone didn't know the person written on the paper.

What is he doing?   After a while everyone was getting tired ~ but not ready to give up.

These two elders may be shy by nature. . .or not, Elders Rainey and McEwen  however they are very quiet.  I told them they couldn't be companions because who would talk?  Their answer was "look at them guys, they love talking so we just let em".  You gotta love our boys!

Today missionaries go forth two by two as appointed by the Lord, carrying that same message, with the same divine call to serve from our prophet of God. We know this is a divine calling for each of us and we are thankful for the opportunity to serve with such fine young men on such a beautiful island serving the Chuukese people.

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  1. This looks like a fun day. As usual, you take such great care of them. Thank you. And I have to chuckle a little about the quiet Elders Rainey and McEwan because Elder Obray trained them both and we were always told how quiet Elder Obray is as well. I wouldn't say he's shy, but he is definitely reserved. Maybe he's come out of his shell while there. Again, thanks for posting such great happenings.