Sunday, March 24, 2013

Chuukese Head to the MTC, Provo, Ut

Tonight 3 Chuukese missionaries leave for the MTC in Provo.  Sister Suet Ande, Sister Bryleen Rotuk and Elder Charles Samachy all from the Sapuk Village.  
We have posted before about the Sisters so this post will mainly be about Elder Charles Samachy 
Elder Samachy is the one in the suit. It was given to him by Elder Jones' home ward in Bountiful, Utah. Doesn't he look nice?  Elder Samachy has worked hard learning English and the scriptures to be able to go on a mission.
When we arrived in Chuuk, Charles was homeless and sleeping on the church steps or where ever he could find a place to stay out of the rain.  Charles is a convert and has a incredible conversion story.
Elder and Sister Eakins took him under their wing and helped him. They took him with them everywhere they went. Missionary rules are NO ONE is allowed in your vehicle unless you are going to a lesson to teach.  Yes we know this is a grey area, but it worked to help him and work within the boundaries of the rule. Charles became the traveling translator, E/S Eakins never really learned the Chuukese language and so he helped them fulfill their responsibilities, and during the process was taught the gospel.
Charles, as we know him here in Chuuk, has a sweet, loving spirit and is willing to learn and progress.  His desire has always been to serve a mission.  Today his dreams come true. Mom and Dad Eakins are proud parents and they should be. 
These missionaries arrived safe and sound in Utah. Elders that served here in Chuuk and have returned back home in the states welcomed them at the airport. Matt Robertson, Blake Fisher and Diego Malit.  They are always great and loving missionaries who are happy to receive their former investigators.

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