Monday, March 25, 2013

Building relationships that last forever!!!

We are so grateful for this opportunity to teach this adult class, to have heard such wonderful teaching and testimony from one another.  We always try and follow up a little from the previous class.  Let me fill you in on what's been happening.  We were talking about relationships between children and parents and how important it was to teach your children early so they have a strong foundation to build on.  When we teach we always use examples from our own lives and experiences.  After all, wouldn't it be only right to put aside our own egotism and pride and begin to open that blessed door of forgiveness to those with whom we teach especially to all of our own family? 
We are taught by the Prophets that we can have a strong family but we need to do our part.  Here is a list of what they advise us to do.  Pray together day & night,  Read and have scripture study together daily, and hold Family home evening.  Of course their are a few extra things added, love one another and serve one another. Basic staples, right?  That is where we are focusing right now. This teaching method is really fun to do.  You take 3 spoons, 3 cups and space them out spoon length.  Then you have to put the spoons together and lay them on the cups to make it strong enough to hold the scriptures and other books. Life eternal is to live in unity, in families, with the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost. Eternal life is only possible through the keys of the priesthood of God, which were restored through the Prophet Joseph Smith.
This is Kinomy she was trying very hard, can I just move the cup?  Think outside the box ~ you can do!
Malinta I can do it, let me try ~  Each spoon represents one of the acts the prophets ask us to use to make a strong family, prayer, scriptures and family home evening.  Malinta got it and as always she was happy, happy.
In the end, we are taught happiness does not spring from perfection but from applying divine principles, even in small steps.

Our Adult class has been so much fun teaching and spending this precious time with everyone.  We now have only 3 weeks left here on the island.  We have had incredible experiences and have felt the love from  our Chuukese  family.  We need to build their faith that the Lord can transform them into a servant braver and stronger to continue teaching what you now see. 
We know the Lord makes His servants bold. We testify to you that God lives, Jesus is the Christ.

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