Sunday, March 24, 2013

I Am a Child of God

It has been wonderful teaching the primary boys this year. The moms have been amazed how well behaved their young sons are for me.  These boys love learning and I love sharing the gospel with them. The beautiful young lady in the bottom picture is KC, she is totally a sweetheart.  She does all the translation for me and it has been fun to watch her grow and learn and become really good at translation.
We had a small class of boys today and we finished up the baptism lessons.  They are showing the baptism lesson that each child colored and also their CTR rings that they received today.  We don't have anyway to laminate here in Chuuk, but we do have fat, clear packing tape.  Yup you got it, that's what I used.  
One must be resourceful when your on a tiny island.  After the boys finished coloring the papers I did the Chuukese laminate so they could take them home and hang them on the wall.  Because it is very humid here in Chuuk the paper just won't last any other way. I want these little boys to REMEMBER what they learned,  
after all they are the sons of a King and a child of God! 
These are just a few of my little angels who I have come to love very much.
KC with Mama Malinta

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