Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Joseph family . . .

~ Sameon and Marsine Joseph Family ~

Both Sameon and Marsine are converts to the church, they were endowed in 2010 and sealed as a family for time and all eternity.  This family is always in the mode of serving and helping in the Branch.  Sameon is the second Counselor in the District Presidency and Marsine is the Relief Society President.
We have had the opportunity to make many memories with this family and they have become some of our dear friends here in Chuuk.  
Children: holding Brady, daughter Bailee, son's Paco, Esmate, Clayton and J.C. their oldest daughter is Marmine who is currently living in Oregon. The eldest son Junior, lives in another village here.  We have had so much fun getting to know the family this past year and a half.  They are a strong family and they know how important it is to teach gospel principles in their home.  The children read and speak English pretty well, however they are shy about using it.  Besides being a loving family they are also a very beautiful family.  Don't you think so? 

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