Sunday, March 17, 2013

Different Cultures

Today we were celebrating the Relief Society birthday. It was pouring rain so we weren't sure how many could come. I say could, not would because it doesn't just rain here, it pours buckets of water and it is very hard for the people to walk in. With the road getting redone we have a lot of mud, I say road because we only have one. Even driving poor Berta to the church, she has to go through big ponds of muddy water. We were just commenting the other day how we used to worry about it, not anymore because we know Berta can do it! It can also be very slippery walking from the jungle or mountain top to get to the church. It's not an easy task for anyone.
This is a good part of the road, it only has small chuuk holes.
As many of you may have read in some of our previous posts about how many times we have fallen down while here on a mission. Elder Tiffany earned the name Tumblelina with diginity, grace and aplomb. Okay, so remember we are on a small island in the pacific ocean and time here, which means basically no time or whatever time you show up will be just fine. The party was to start at 9:00 a.m. I laughed when they told me to come at 9 because I am not a rookie anymore. I have been around long enough to know.... that it is not happening that early rain or no rain. I told them I would see them around noonish. I say ish because again it just doesn't matter the time. You go, you learn, you have fun enjoying each other, visiting and not worrying about it. “The Relief Society is an auxiliary to the priesthood. All auxiliary organizations exist to help Church members grow in their testimonies of Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ, and the restored gospel. Through the work of the auxiliaries, members receive instruction, encouragement, and support as they strive to live according to gospel principles”
When I arrived they hadn't started the party but they had had the opening prayer, a skit and they were talking about playing games. These muscle ladies started off with some dancing and entertainment and a lot of laughing. . . 

God placed within women divine qualities of strength, virtue, love, and the willingness to sacrifice to raise future generations of His spirit children. He also gave them a sense of humor and fun.
The next game was musical chairs and yes I played 
but its a tough game here in Chuuk and you gotta be agile, baby!
Just when I sat down, here came Respina over and just about broke my leg. I tell you, these ladies are tough and they don't mess around. Well she was out, naner, naner, naner Respina . . .It was down to three and I was out. I have seen the chairs flying, people crashing to the floor playing this game. Not me, I don't want to win that bad and I love to win!!! But I don't like pain. 
Now time for dinner . . . This is dinner here look at all that food > the rice is a very pretty color of pink just to make it fun but the fish is really a blue fish. Let me tell you what lunch is to give you an idea of the differences in our cultures. Not just what it is but look at the amount of food here. Seriously, Chuukese people can put it away. I don't think I have ever eaten that much food in one setting in my entire life. So we have rice (pink), pounded breadfruit, baked breadfruit, 1 hotdog, turkey tail, one chicken leg and thigh, 1 fish and kimji which I like).They all laugh at me because I can't eat all that food, I tell them I can't believe they can. 
Now this little fish on this plate is a special fish - I am told he taste the best. They call it Taro fish because his texture is a lot like eating taro. If you look at this picture just right though it looks like a shrunken head or an alien head. 

In the states we setup tables for eating and we have decorations around. In Chuuk we sit on the floor and eat, but I almost forgot in Chuuk you eat with your fingers. I do not eat with my fingers. I use utensils and a napkin, especially when they bring out the ice cream. Truly, I kid you not they even eat ice cream with their fingers. I said no way - I am getting you all a spoon. I passed them out and said now isn't that better? Of course they chuckled, thanked me and said yes. Chuukese are always very kind even if they don't agree and think your different. 
I really don't know how they can sit on the hard tile floor and prefer it, let alone eat this way but like the title says; different cultures. 

“The world's greatest champion of woman and womanhood is Jesus the Christ.”

The red stuff is raw turkey tail. Don't ask. Merina said she doesn't like it cooked with all the grease, I said your not going to eat that are you? She smiled and said yes, I like it. That's when I said I have got to get a picture of that. It looks disgusting. She just laughed at me. . . different cultures.

The heritage of Relief Society is not just about women who lived in the past; it is also about women all over the world today who make and keep covenants." These women are some of the most Christlike ladies you will ever meet. They are learning every day about the gospel of Jesus Christ and trying to teach their families Christlike living. Now before I close this post I have to tell you about the rest of the meal. Dessert. . . We had chocolate cinnamon pull a parts, grease donuts-very popular here, chocolate ice cream, and a mixture called Au - it is condensed milk mixed with the coconut meat and coconut milk, cooked over the fire. They love it here, me, not so much, but I did give it a try before giving mine to the kids.

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