Thursday, April 18, 2013

Home Sweet Home

This has been home to us in Chuuk, Micronesia, "The Truk Stop Hotel".  We have made many, many friends here at our little home by the sea and we have enjoyed a lot of great meals and conversations with our 
Truk Stop family.  
Bill and Christine (Kiki) Stinnett are the owners of the hotel along with their 2 daughters, keeping the place running smooooth as silk.This is the backside of the hotel with the new outside sitting area called the Mangroove Bar. We enjoyed many incredible sunsets from here.
Our favorite table for breakfast, lunch or dinner ~ doesn't matter, this was the best place in the house for us.
We're lobbying for a plaque to be put here, marking our spot.

This Augustine he is the cook - the one we really liked and trusted.  
Elder Tiffany meet him just about every morning out walking to work.  What a great guy!
 ~ Sister Tiffany with Kiki, what a great lady and a good friend she is ~
Cindy the dive master at the Truk, is an amazing woman, she was always very cheerful and had a lot of patience when Sister Tiffany went diving with her.
   A few of our Truk stop family ~ Selema, Shorty, Sister Tiffany, Elder Tiffany, Melba and Corky ~
 A few of the special ladies ~ Melba, Shorty and Corky ~
Shorty is a fun little lady who is always sweet, kind and helpful - yes, we are letting her sit at our table for the picture because we love her.  
~ Harry was always great to have around cause he helped us all the time, here with Cindy the Brit.~                
We had been at our branch party and when we arrived home, this group was out on the deck waiting to say goodbye.  Rob said if we showed this picture you would think they needed a lot more help here and send them more missionaries.  But they only want us to send friendly, fun missionaries...Sister Tiffany made cookies once a week for the group and they looked forward to them.  We know how to get into their hearts!

We will miss our Truk Stop family and we love them all dearly.  They were wonderful to us and we thanked each one for the love they showed towards us.  May God be with you always!

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