Monday, April 8, 2013

Called to Serve

Receiving mail from home is such a great blessing. . . every missionary wants to hear from you.  Packages full of treats are great but the letters are what they truly cherish.  We have never seen an Elder open a package before reading the letter. Although they do like to eat some candy while reading.
Anytime they get a chance to check out the Zone Leaders house for mail they are all over of it. The brown box on the wall was hung to organize each area so they always know where to find a letter.
Elder Obray and Elder Sofele trying to figure out where are they going to put all those elders to go shopping.  The Zone Leaders got a new truck and it is smaller than the others. We also have more elders serving here in Chuuk so this is going to be a special project to figure out. There is only so much room for burly boys and their groceries.   
 Elder Peck and Elder Plocher looking out towards the island they serve on. . . 

 Elder Johnson and Sealander - they serve on the island of Tonoas (Dublon)
 Our newest elders "Welcome to the Greatest Zone on Earth" 
 Elder Blocher, Elder Kleven, and Elder Hunter. 
In our opinion, one of the great miracles in our generation is the miracle of missionary work of 
The Church of  Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  We truly love our missionaries and thank you parents and family members for raising up such wonderful sons to serve the Lord.  

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