Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Onenon Chon Mechitiw

Time is getting shorter here on our little island of Weno so we decided to take a trip to the other side of the island today to say our goodbye's to a few people whom we have grown to love.  As we drove up the road to Mechitiw we were reminded of our first time on that road. Chuckles and small tears were mixed at this time.
We texted our Mechitiw Elders, McEwen and Obray to make sure they would be in.  We will see them again before we leave but it is always good to see them and get a few picture shots for the mom's back home. Also it should be noted that these boys keep a clean house. Thanks, Moms.
This is a view on the way to the branch presidents home from the church. Last time we were here it was raining like crazy.  It was so quiet and peaceful this time. It felt a little strange knowing that this might be the last time we walk up to his house.  We have been having a lot of solemn moments.
This is us with President Weita. We have truly had such a great time getting to know this man.  The first time we met him he was not fully active and wasn't sure if he was going to stay on the island or go back to his home island where he had been the mayor.  We had a nice time talking with one another then and from that day forth we have become good friends.
This is his house up the hill on the trail.  Missionaries many years ago helped him build this house. President Willy Weita and his wife Reiko will be able to attend the temple in June with the rest of the group.  They will take their youngest daughter Memory with them to be sealed as a family.
This is the road leaving the Mechitiw branch.  Yes it is a dirt road and always, always like this except when the rains make the Chuuk puddles become Chuuk ponds and sometimes they turn into regular lakes.  It is very interesting dragging botttom in our little Berta.

This nice view is one looking towards the hotel we first lived in when we moved to Chuuk.  Sometimes the water is so blue and beautiful it is amazing.
First place we moved to when we came out on our mission.  The owner is Vickie Mori and what a sweet lady she is.  We had cookies to share with her because we wanted to tell her goodbye and thank her for being so good us. Here we have Vickie with her sisters.  It was such a great treat to see them, we said our goodbyes here and thanked them for being so kind to us and always helpful towards us. What great Ladies!
One thing we have enjoyed while here is going to eat pizza at the Lei Side Restaurant.  Seriously they have the best dough, it is yummy and a real treat . These two gals have always been our waitresses. We have never seen another girl working here.  They know us well and when we walk in they greet us with a smile, and they say "the usual"?  We say yes - Kinsou!


  1. WOW, when are you done Sister Tiffany? We will miss your service to our children? Thank you for all you have done? We will miss you both!!! :)

  2. Oh Tiffany's it is hard to leave! Soooooo good to be home, you won't believe how beautiful your home and Centerville will look to you. But, it is still sooo hard to be away from MGM. This post of farewells makes me cry. Sis Jones