Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Our last Zone Conference

 President and Sister Mecham made sure we were able to attend one last Zone conference with our boys.  As usual we all headed to the Blue Lagoon for our meeting to start early Tuesday afternoon. This time was different because we knew if would be our last one.  
Sister Mecham taught about how we make a two way promise to receive the Holy Ghost and that the spirit will NOT force himself on us.  When we are given the Gift of the Holy Ghost we are told to RECEIVE the Holy Ghost.  We discussed as we learn, allow, listen and receive, the Holy Ghost will testify, guide us, guard us, heal hearts, and teach us truth. "Obedience brings blessings and strict obedience brings Miracles". Discipline brings desired results.
She loves to teach us with props and the Elders enjoy learning from her.  She used the example of opening your mouth which is something President Mecham always teaches about.  Open your mouth and share the Gospel. Her point was that as we share the gospel we obey and will see the miracles.
She told us a story about the wind and sun having a disagreement about who was stronger. They decided to place a wager, about then a young man with a jacket was walking down the street so the wind said who ever can get him to take off his jacket will be the strongest.  He started to blow, he blew and blew but the more he blew the young man held tighter and tighter to his jacket.  The sun finally said let me show you how this is done and he began to shine down on the boy.  The young man began to relax, undo his zipper and finally he took the jacket off. -  She likened the story to our testimony.  Your testimony is strongest when you share it rather than when you hang on to it tightly.  
~ Elder and Sister Yamashita ~ First Quorum of the Seventy our Area Presidency ~ 
We know that each of these young Elders do a great job opening their mouths and sharing the gospel and their testimonies.  D&C 33:8-10, open your mouths.
 Remember your companion is your investigator.
President Yamashita taught us that we also need to teach people if they were not doing what they were supposed to be doing that they needed to repent and get on with it.  He was also talking to us, the missionaries.  He said the Lord is getting urgent about sharing the gospel with world.  In D&C 88:73 Hasten the pace of his work.  In PG it teaches us the principle of Faith - understanding doctrine will change behavior faster than behavior will change behavior.  The Lords work is wonderful and we missionaries are his army.  "Endure to the end"

We three shared our last testimony with the group because it is our last Zone Conference together.  We will see Elder Jones in Utah in May. 
We have been blessed to know many wonderful young Elders and serve with them on this mission.  We know that President and Sister Mecham are called of called to teach and lead this mission.  We love them all dearly and feel blessed by such a wonderful miracle to be able to serve in the Micronesia Guam Mission.

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