Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Chuuk Government

It's all pretty interesting; Activity of NGOs in the FSM is curtailed by the strong financial presence of the United States and its supporting agencies. Millions of dollars in grants are funneled into the FSM by a host of U.S. bureaucracies including the Departments of Agriculture, Education, Interior, Health and Human Services, and Labor. Relief from typhoons, droughts, landslides, and other natural disasters is provided by the Federal Emergency Management Agency.
First on the list here is the Supreme Court looks and sounds good right!
The front door to the Governor's office all the BIG decisions take place here?
The Legislature office it burned down right before we arrived a clan from the outer islands apparently got upset about something and decided a bonfire would be cool.
This is where you buy electric power its called CASH power you guess how much power you are going to use and then buy it for CASH and it is expensive here. And it goes out whenever day or night. Another thing to be grateful for in the States 24/7 power and its a better price. These are just a few of the interesting places here on our island.

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