Thursday, January 24, 2013

Two Missionaries, Two Moms, Shared Hearts

We thought this was such a wonderful story we felt we should copy it and reposted it on our blog.  It is written by Elder Obray's mother Heather.

This is the story of two missionaries and two mothers who all share one common purpose and one "heart".  Nick is serving on the island of Weno in Chuuk, Micronesia.  Weno is where Pweiky Ewar was born and raised.  Pweiky is the third child of 8 children and his mother is a widow.
When Pweiky's father passed away a few years ago there were missionaries serving on Weno who came to the aid and comfort of the family and rallied around them.  Among these missionaries was Elder Woodward, who baptized Pweiky.   These missionaries were instrumental in helping this family get through a difficult time.  Flash forward a few years to Pweiky receiving his call to serve in Honolulu Hawaii.  Elder Ewar left Chuuk for the very first time and was greeted in Salt Lake City by the two missionaries that cared and loved his family at the time of his father's death.  These two former missionaries saw to it that Elder Ewar was taken care of once again.  They escorted him to the temple for the first time and they delivered him to the MTC.  What awesome men these returned missionaries are, who truly understand the whole picture.
When I learned that this young man, who my son has met was coming to the Provo MTC, which is just miles from our home, I knew I had to take him a "care package".  Not knowing Elder Ewar personally, I was not sure what to take, but it was just before Christmas, so I packed up some candies and treats and made him a pillow case which is my go-to comfort gift.  I delivered the package to the mail place where I took Nick's packages while he was serving in the MTC.  As a funny sidenote, the girl working at the mail place asked me how to pronounce his name.. which is Pweiky Ewar.  I responded, "I'm not sure".  She returned a puzzled look and said "Don't you know him?"  I laughed out loud and explained that no I don't actually know him, but he is from a tiny island where my son is serving his mission and I figured that if I was to care for another mother's son in a time of need, than someone would look out for mine.  Anyway, the package was delivered and I left that day with a happy heart.
About a week later, I awoke early and as is my routine, I checked my email and to my pleasant surprise, I found this picture and message sent from Sister Tiffany in Chuuk:
"Sister Obray this is Mama Oriko Ewar she said to tell you she will make sure your son is taken care always. And Kinsou Chapur for taken care of her son. ♥"

Well, I found this to be a beautiful "tender mercy" and the story could have ended there, but it doesn't.  There is one other missionary from our family that was currently serving during the time of these events.  He is my nephew Travis and he was in Hawaii.  Travis completed his mission and arrived home in December.  We were so excited to visit with him after he gave his report and we attended dinner at their home afterward.  While visiting with Travis, one of the first things he said to us was "Oh yeah, and I met Elder Ewar."  My mouth dropped and I got the goosebumps over my entire body.  Elder Ewar was originally scheduled to leave the MTC in January, but they shortened his time there and sent him to Hawaii early.  The day before Travis left to come home, he was sent to the airport with a missionary that he had trained to pick up the new missionaries who were flying in from the MTC.  One of these was Elder Ewar.  I'm not sure why our family is wrapped around the Ewar family, but I know without a doubt that these are not mere coincidences.  I know that there is a plan for everything.  I feel blessed to have witnessed and been a part of this beautiful story.  I love missionaries and I know that their"sacrifice brings forth the blessings of heaven."
Photo of Elder Travis Obray (left) with a companion he trained 
(center) who is now training Elder Ewar (right)

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