Sunday, September 23, 2012

"Taro" the staple food for Micronesia

English: Taro, Egyptian lily, elephant’s ear, taro is resistant to most pests and diseases. Taro is sometimes used as a source of a very white, easily digested starch or flour. The underground corms and cormels are used for food after thorough cooking, particularly in times of scarcity. The leaves may be eaten (e.g., fried with onions, garlic, chili, etc.)This Taro is of the root, it has been peeled, sliced, smashed added in fresh coconut, and sugar.
This is how Taro is wrapped in a leaf to cook. It is cooked over a fire outside in a very large pan.
This is what it looks like after it is cooked. It is wet and sticky.
It can be an ornamental foliage plant it is big and beautiful!
This was our Pink food stand where we used to buy cucumbers and banana's. Now it is "The Little Orange Stand"...
Notice the food in the wrapped green leaf, that is probably Taro...

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