Monday, September 10, 2012

"Night out for the Elders"

The Elders work hard all week so every now and then they need to treat themselves to a night out. Of course they love PIZZA, who doesn't?
Elders - Walters, Huppe, Fisher and Lina
Serving in Sapuk Village on Weno "Elders Kearl and Lina"
Serving on the island of Uman "Elder Lavides and Bowers"
Serving in Wichap Village on Weno "Elders Walters and Fisher
Serving on the island of Ramonum Elders Sofele and Johnson
Elders - Lina, Bowers and Kearl
Elders - Jones getting attacked by Elder Tiffany and Elder Obray
Elders - Johnson and Allen
Elders - Huppe and Allred
Elder Sofele (What's up homies)
Thumbs up to Elder Blaser!
Serving on the island Tonoas "Elders Huppe and Allen"
Serving on the island Romanum "Elders Sofele and Johnson
Serving in Mechitiw Village on Weno "Elders Jones and Obray"
Each one of these companionships deal with a different set of circumstances but they all do it with style (their own) and grace. They all bring their talents and personalities as described in the scriptures. They have all learned the language and are actively teaching in their areas. When they get together its a party and they have a load of fun. It's great to be working with all of them and sharing our time here.

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