Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Elder Butlers Last Stand

The "Last Supper" (with Elder Butler) The Zone Leaders will be back again next week for another one of Sister Tiffany's fabulous feasts. Elder Strum was a welcome addition.
Here the Elders are conversing on all things spiritual and maybe a few other subjects that happened to come up. Always solving problems, that's what ZL's and AP's do, right?
Just prior to Elder Butler disappearing into the Airport we were able to catch him for a few parting shots. It was a sad parting but we hope that we will soon see him again.
You might notice that Elder Butler is sporting the Super Cool Shades. Yep, He's a natural!
We have still not mastered the ability of letting go of our Elders. It is a sad occasion every time one of our beloved men go home. We slump around for a few days until we almost get used to the idea, then we have a good cry and blog it. God Speed Elder Butler and give our homeland a kiss for us.

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