Monday, September 17, 2012

Bernie's One!

This place is Bernie's one store ~ they sell the BEST fresh baked cinnamon rolls. They don't stay on the shelf for long. We make a call and ask "are you baking cinnamon today" if yes, they put a couple of bags aside for Sister Tiffany until we can pick them up. I know when she has cinnamon rolls, we won't be having breakfast or dinner for a couple days. That is pretty much all she will eat when they are fresh.
This little store sells a lot of different type junk food for cheaper prices than the rest of the island. It is always busy here and they just recently put in this new parking lot. Before you would have to walk through muddy water to get to the door it was terrible but the cinnamon is worth it!


  1. The baker's name is Paulo. I'll be sure to send him the link to this post.

  2. The baker's name is Paulo. He does make a fantastic cinnamon roll. I'll send him the link to this blog post.