Monday, September 3, 2012

Sunny day for working in Uman...

We are off to get some work done on the island of Uman. We were pretty excited to try out the new bench on the boat. It's quite comfy too.
In the past we sat on the wood planks and it can be a rough ride on our derrieres. We haven't left the dock here President and we don't have our life jackets on yet, we are only posing for a picture. See President we have them on... Example, example, example
May we be filled with gratitude for the right of choice, accept the responsibility of choice, and ever be conscious of the results of choice.
This is the island of Uman and today we will serve with Elder Bower and Elder Lavides.
We will talk of Christ, we will rejoice in Christ, we will preach of Christ, we will prophesy of Christ … that all children may know to what source they may look for a remission of their sins … [and] may look forward unto that life which is in Christ
>When we arrived on the island, the elders were working on their action board for the week.
Eternal life in the kingdom of our Father is our goal. Such a goal is not achieved in one glorious attempt but rather is the result of a lifetime of righteousness, an accumulation of wise choices, even a constancy of purpose. As with anything really worthwhile, the reward of eternal life requires effort.
Here the Elders wanted to show their family they now have great big machetes for working and preparing coconuts. The day was spent walking and asking the locals where one of our members was currently living. We were told just keep going a little farther. We did, and then the next person would say the same thing and so it went. Along the way we were asked to stop and talk a little here and a little there.
This sweet lady and her beautiful daughter invited us in to rest and visit with us. She had one of the nicest homes we have ever been in here.
The Elders made a appointment to return the next day to share a message of Christ.
After a good deal of walking we ended up in the village of Paratu where our good brother was reported to live. Seems he moved to Saipan some time ago.
We returned to our starting point and took refreshments (coconut water and pineapple).
After speaking with President Billy, the Branch President for awhile, we called it a day and returned to our home island via the little boat with our able boatman, Roger.
We're working on video's that we will be posting soon so that all you Moms out there can see more of the areas that your wonderful sons are serving in.

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