Sunday, September 9, 2012

Our Road, Our Vehicle

Yesterday we were reading a blog about Chuuk and we realized that Chuuk is exactly the way this gentleman described it, and we loved it. Now granted we are missionaries, here to do the Lords work, but we are also us, (Dixon & RoseMary). We have learned so many things that it would be impossible to put them all down. Whether we were here on a mission or just being a resident here we would have learned these things. Chuuk is a place where you will learn from, if you choose to learn. Since we have been here some people have said things to us, such as,” you have changed and grown so much spiritually.” That is true, we have, but we would have learned and grown spiritually whether we were in Chuuk or serving somewhere else, because frankly, that’s life. Growing and learning are choices, your attitude determines whether or not you will apply it. In the past there were times when we were open to discussing Gospel principles but opportunities were missed because there might have been an uncomfortable atmosphere. So our chance to learn was given to us by other circumstances and by other people. Our quest now is to be open to all who come seeking but to also be learning. Our faith is sufficient that we can embrace differing views.
The reason we feel the need to write about this on our blog, is this, our blog reaches many people from many walks of life. People from many different faiths, and some that don't have a faith. We love all our friends and family and never want to push you away from us. So we feel that some things might need to be clarified. Although we have tried to be accommodating to all faiths, we now realize that we may not have been doing that.
As you all know, we have been teaching a temple preparation class that we have previously blogged about. We teach about 20 plus people and they are learning about covenants we make in the temple. We believe this is a very important step to be able to live together with our Father in Heaven once again. Anytime you teach you learn much more than the students and we realize that is why we are called to teach. Not only to help them but to teach us. So this is why we wanted to create this post.
We believe that the Lord's grace is immense enough that he blesses people with his Spirit even if they know nothing about it.
"Faith is not to have a perfect knowledge of things"
Alma taught; if all you can do is arouse yourself simply to have a desire to believe, then that will be enough to allow you to experiment upon the word of God and grow that humble openness, first into faith and then into knowledge.
Humility is something we all must learn no matter what walk we choose to walk. The key, we believe, is to understand applying what we have learned and keep walking.
We feel like we've been around the block a few times in a couple different vehicles. Our explorations has touched a few differing philosophies and ideas. We know that we have taken on a life of religious observance now that wasn't in our repertoire before but we are following the path that our footsteps led to according to the dictates of our hearts. This mission was and is in respect for the many wonderful blessings we have received along the way. It continues to teach us about great blessings we can yet receive and share. So all of the experiences that we have had before we started down this path serves us to understand what we have to offer and reflect on.
We love you all and hope we can keep you entertained and share more of our experiences with you. We are a little over our halfway point now. This mission is not for sissy's and at times it has been tough. Other times it has been completely wonderful. We testify that the Lord does know us, he gives us what WE "THINK" WE need and he has given US this wonderful opportunity to serve the Chuukese people which we have come to love very much and will miss when we leave.

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