Sunday, September 23, 2012

Farewell for now Elders!

This is a post off of Elder Laperouse blog when these two Elders were companions: I found it fitting for this farewell post!
There are days that Elder V and I wake up on our sleeping pad/cot/ mattress thingy (we sleep on the floor) and both make the comment that we feel like we are camping. I'm so grateful for the opportunity to be in this mission. For this experience, and for this trust. I've met too many people, missionaries, and locals alike, and seen and done many things that have changed my life forever! I can't believe there's only a year left. Time is so short. I love you all...Oh! I forgot to mention how strong the Brotherhood is between all the Chuuk Elders. It reminds me of the Squirrels. In Chuukeese custom there are "Promise Brothers", which is the Chuukeese equivalent of blood brothers. The Elders in the Chuuk Zone treat everybody as such. Our own Chuuk Island family. There are no individuals in this Zone, and our relationships emulate island custom. Elder Braydon Lapeyrouse
Elder Lapeyrouse post truly says it all about the Chuuk Zone. It truly is an island family and we pray they will always be close to one another. We have been blessed to serve in the Chuuk Zone with such fine youngmen.
Both Elder Valinotti and Elder Laperouse left our Zone back in April to teach on different islands. Both of these Elders are great youngmen, and we enjoyed getting to know them. We have missed them in Chuuk but know they have done amazing work on the other islands. They will be returning back to the states this week. ”
You both have served with honor! We love you guys and look forward to seeing you again next year.

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