Monday, September 17, 2012

Going Postal...

Chuuk is growing up. Our new post office is open. What a wonderful day for all! They even have air conditioning and a computer that works. Those poor Post Office guys have been working so hard and sweating to death for such a long time at the old place. We hope they will feel better now and be happier. (pwa pwa)
This building has been under construction since we got here. Right after Christmas last year the post office lost the contract on the building they were in and so they moved to a temporary building. It was not well organized and their system was labor intensive. Running upstairs and down with no appreciable ventilation or Air Con so their days were long and hot and the customers were semi impatient which created an osukasuk. (confusion, problem)

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  1. So happy this post office is finished... For the employees and the patrons.