Sunday, September 23, 2012

Let's make it forever!

This is our 2nd Temple class on this island and this group is part of the Mwan Branch.
We love these people very much. We have spent a lot of time teaching English with them throughout the year. It is hard to describe how important this group of people are to us but we are going to try. Sundays are very long, we attend church from 9-12, Sister Tiffany teaches in the Primary and Elder Tiffany helps teaching in Sunday School. After church we set up for English and teach for 1 hour, then we take a short break (Chuukese time) and set up the classroom for the Temple class. We put pictures of the temple up to pull in the sweet spirit of the sacredness we have for the temple. We get home around 4, eat dinner with the Zone Leaders, visit and call it a day! This was the final class for this group and it was very well attended by all of us and the Spirit.
"Esmeit and Kinomy Otup" This couple are parents of the most adorable little girls. The girls speak English pretty well because they attend private school. I have them help me teach Primary so the other kids know what I am doing. "Lost in translation sometimes" Kinomy speaks English pretty well, although she doesn't think so. Esmeit is one of our boat drivers. He also drives a taxi here on Weno. He speaks enough English to get things done, but that's all. We have really grown to love this family and we are excited that they will be sealed together for time and all eternity.
"Useless and Merina Francis" Merina has lived in Saipan to attend school, so she speaks English pretty well. She and Useless just got married this year and combined families. Useless does not speak very much English but he attends the class each week to learn more. He works for the shipping yard delivering and picking up containers. Merina's sisters have a lot of kids and Merina and Useless are amazing examples to them. Just this month they have had 7 members of their extended family baptized. The Zone Leaders teach the families in Mwan Branch. Merina is also the President of the womens group "CWC" in the Mwan area.
"Tasiana Walter"
What can we tell you about this awesome lady. We love Tasiana very much. She is the mother of ten children. Her husband is not active. He is a police officer here. We invite him each week to come to class and pray that he will soon. Tasiana has served a mission, but back when she did they did not have to get endowed to serve so this will be her first temple trip. She really wants her husband to go with her and we are all praying for this to happen. Tasiana speaks really good english and she always has something funny to say. She has a wonderful laugh.
"K.C. Techuo and Emylynn Walter"
These beautiful girls we truly love. K.C. is one of Raiton and Malinta's daughters, not legally, but here in Chuuk you can take someones kid and raise them if you don't think their actual parent is doing a good job. It's perfectly legal! Anyway, K.C. is a doll. She speaks English well and comes to all the classes to support Emylynn. Emylynn is another one that is adorable. She is a Walter and lives across the street from the Church. She is now attending the local college and waiting for a letter of acceptance to BYU Hawaii. She speaks English really well and is a smart girl. She is now part of the translation team and that is why she is planning on going to the temple at this time.
"Riaton and Malinta Alik"
Now this couple we truly love, we met this couple while doing the GPS work with the ZL's and we just made a connection with them. Raiton does not have a job but at home he works very hard. Same with Malinta. They have 1 son and 8 daughters. They are now raising a grand-daughter. Each of the girls speak English well and they are all sweethearts just like mom and dad. Both Riaton and Malinta speak English pretty well, although if someone else is speaking, Malinta will not even let you know she knows what your saying. But she does. Malinta is always laughing and has such a great laugh. She is also part of the CWC group. Raiton lived in Saipan for awhile and learned a lot of English there and is also on the translation team.
"Oriko Ewar and daughter Jubilee"
We so love this lady. She is a widowed mother of 7 kids. Three are living in the states now. Oriko works at the Truk Stop Hotel, where we live, as a maid. She is devoted to the students she teaches in Seminary. This lady is a great example of hard work and devotion. Jubilee her youngest daughter always comes to class, she knows us very well and likes to spend time with us. We love this little girl very much. Oriko has been to the temple once before to have her husband sealed to her, but will be going back again with the translation team. She has such an amazing testimony and at our last class she shared what a blessing it is to be sealed together with your spouse.
Last day :(
"I...invite the members of the Church to establish the temple of the Lord as the great symbol of their membership and the supernal setting for their most sacred covenants. It would be the deepest desire of my heart to have every member of the Church be temple worthy. I would hope that every adult member would be worthy of and carry a current temple recommend, even if proximity to a temple does not allow immediate or frequent use of it" President Howard W. Hunter

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