Sunday, September 30, 2012

Boat Trippin. . .

Last Wednesday we went out to the outer island, Romanum, to teach the Temple prep class. With us is the S/I supervisor Freddie, who was visiting the Chuuk zone to see how things were going with everyone. The day was basically uneventful with perfectly smooth water, no rain, and a lot of jelly fish just hanging around waiting. . . . . . we of course stayed away from them. When we arrived at the island, a small boat came out and picked us up to take us to the shore.
We took the big boat out this day and we are happy because it is much more comfortable. Here we have Elder Tiffany, Brother Charles and Brother Nicerio, "Freddie". We haven't fired up the boat yet and that is why the life jackets are just hanging there. It's too hot to hang out in a life jacket until our air conditioning kicks in, or in other words the boat starts moving.
Elder Tiffany putting on his dry socks because when you arrive you do get into the shallow water . . . watch out for the jelly fish!!!
Looks like our boat has been taken over by the nudist colony of young boys while we were teaching. The little boys around here always go naked. We are not sure yet at what age they decide to start wearing clothes, we are, however, thankful that they do.
This is the small boat taking all of us big people to the boat. It can be tricky. I think we are going to need more help pushing.
This is Elder Eakins. Sister Eakins would not let me take her picture. She may be little but don't mess with her, she is pretty tough. Anyway I will capture her another day when she doesn't know, because I am quick.
You can see them getting into the big boat from the small boat. It really is not that easy to do keeping it steady and all. Notice all the naked boys also loading on the small boat. "Chuuk is such a fun interesting place". On the way back to the main island, Sister Eakins passes out either a roll or a cookie and some water to drink. But first she passes around the hand sanitizer for everyone to clean up. Gotta be healthy!!! We agree.

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