Sunday, December 2, 2012

Fy yup for your information!

This is Fy - really!  He was new to our primary class today his daddy is Snooka.  
This little guy just turned two and is adorable.   

The Chuukese headband he is wearing are very popular here.  We have mailed a few back home for our grandkids and some to my primary boys in Centerville, Utah.  Now they can be the thugz in the neighborhood. Here we affectionately call them "Chuukese Thugz".  Our Elders that have gone home started to call themselves the Chuuk Thugz. We love those Thugz
Fy wasn't sure about coming into class. He was pretty scared, so I had his mom come sit with him.  Today we talked about the birth of Christ and you can imagine how hard that was to keep their attention.  I usually have a lot more girls than boys and today was no exception. I only had one other little boy around age 4 and he is wired all the time. It's good I grew up with a large family and have taught many children before because I also had 6 little girls ages two and 3 four year olds.  
All the boys today were wired and very naughty in the other class.  I think something must have been in the water today.  Sometimes when the day is over I wonder if I have done any good.  I am grateful to remember this quote from  President Erying
The Holy Ghost is sent to you and to those you care for. You will be strengthened and yet inspired to know the limits and extent of your ability to serve. The Spirit will comfort you when you may wonder, “Did I do enough?” I love these little kids and pray I do enough for them.

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