Saturday, December 15, 2012

Memorial for One of Chuuks Native Sons

Our dear friends, Clark and Chineina Grahams son, Keitani Graham, the Olympic wrestler for Micronesia, sports hero and role model, died in Chuuk. 
 Keitani was a role model for the youth in the FSM. He also was a great basketball player and track and field athlete. His love for sports and his desire to teach the youth of FSM will be greatly missed.
After graduating from Holy Cross, he served as a volunteer coach, referee, head referee, and trainer for this event through the SHIP-HOOPS nonprofit organization.
 Keitani was a youth leader in this important work of a drug-free Chuuk. He lead by example with  a drug-free lifestyle. He even worked hard getting a law passed that bans smoking in and within 25 feet of all public buildings including schools, office buildings, fields, etc
 Keitani through the SHIP-HOOPS  (Helping Ourselves: Outreach Programs in Sports) organization founded the Akoyikoyi School, a charter elementary school in his village of Penia on Weno, Chuuk.
 These students came from neighboring villages ~ hundreds of students came to honor Keitani Graham.
 Keitani learned to wrestle and competed his way through the FSM, Oceania, globally until he qualified to represent the FSM in the London Olympics in 2012.
 His death was sudden and unexpected because he was a healthy active young man. Keitani had accomplished much in his short life and with his great personality everyone loved him. He was a great motivator and everyone who came in contact with him was inspired. 
Many more people coming to pay respects to Keitani.
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