Thursday, December 20, 2012

Donation for Akoyikoyi School

The children of Akoyikoyi School in Penia Village received hygiene kits from 
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  
This is Clark Graham with Elder Tiffany and the Elders Sealander, Johnson, Pita and Obray who are serving in his area, Clark is serving as Principal of Akoyikoyi School, a small charter-type elementary school.

Chelsie is a practicing nurse and she is visiting from the United States. She volunteered to come teach the children about hygiene, brushing their teeth and flossing them.
Chelsie is teaching the kids about their lungs - the uses of them and how to keep them strong.  Each child had the opportunity to hear another child's lungs and heart.

Most people will understand the name Akoyikoyi by its literal meaning: the birds piping signals the dawn; but it figuratively refers to knowledge or enlightenment. Thus the center’s motto “Awakening Opportunities”: The piping that literally wakes people up in the morning, and enlightens people.

The center will provide developmentally appropriate drug-free activities to replace, reduce or eliminate involvement in substance use-related activities in an environment that is safe. A place where you are comfortable sending kids, and also adult-friendly.

There is a need to improve educational opportunities so the young people are literate, respectful, and learn in a place where they feel welcome, enjoy themselves, and an adult provides appropriate mentoring, and cares about them!  This is what Clark teaches them. (information taken from Akoyikoyi site)

How about you young lady, next...
“It’s the Service That Counts"
Elders handing the kits out to each child.  
Here little guy this one is for you!
"Hygiene, hygiene we all scream for hygiene"

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