Thursday, December 27, 2012

In the Christmas Pig Zone. . .

This old guy don't know it but he is just
about to become Christmas dinner.
After everyone's branch parties --- all the missionaries got together for a celebration.  Elder Allred decided we should have a pig for dinner (Chuukese style). He and several others that have experience, went to our District Presidents home to prepare and cook it.

Later, after all the parties, we all met over at the other Senior couples apartment, Elder and Sister Eakins, on the other side of the island for dinner.  We ate baked potatoes, green salad, fruit salad, stuffing and rolls.
Elder Pita's making his trifle
Elder Vehikite says the hoof is the best and tasty part
being Tongan, he probably knows what the best is...
This is not his first rodeo or pig fry.
Dessert was Elder Pita's trifle surprise, a couple of Sister Eakins pies, and Tiffany's surprise was carmel swirl ice cream.  Everyone was full and happy for the night again...
Elder Rainy says, hey you guys,
the tongue is pretty good,
you want some?

Elder Peck -
look mom I'm using a fork,
No fingers. 

Elder Huppe
"come on, try this piece,
doesn't it look good?"
After dinner some visiting, playing games and singing...
Elder Allen and Obray -
Okay pwipwi we got this. 
Elder Johnsons CHEESE
Boy, we even licked the plate...
Ah 1 anda 2 anda 3...  
At Christmastime we celebrate our Heavenly Father’s perfect gift of His Beloved Son, Jesus Christ, the Savior of the world. In token of this greatest of gifts, the Christmas season becomes for most of us a time of finding joy in giving to others.  The Savior needed prophets’ help to create gifts of testimony in the Book of Mormon, and He needs the missionaries’ help to share it.


  1. Elder Vehikite was pulling your leg. Any Tongan will tell you the best part is the "fo'i 'ate". Hope you all have a great new year. Hope we can come back for another visit. Roylene and Andy

  2. Thank you Sister and Elder Tiffany for the update on our missionaries. Our family enjoys the blog with every update. Thank you so much.

    Much love,

    Sister Vehikite