Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The "Repictureator"

This thing all started because sometimes while doing missionary work, you just have those moments that really need to be shared. We figure the fun way to do it is to share it with the Elders. It has been a lot of fun to see them check it out occasionally and see if they have made it on the fridge. We love all our Elders but sadly we get to spend time with some more than others. But over all the Chuuk zone truly is a family. When we arrived in Chuuk we were embraced by the zone and we hope to give that same kind of love to all our new Elders and couples that come to join us here in Chuuk. This repictureator has become more than we imagined it would, so we want to share it with you also.
The goal for Elders now is to get a picture on the repictureator. The Elders that have gone home have left a legacy for the new elders to continue building. We have told them that this picture collage will come to reunions for their future wives to see what great missionaries they are. We'll attempt to bring it without the appliance behind it however.
Elder Bowers and Elder Peck are serving on the island Uman. They really know how to work the camera. This one turned out a little fuzzy and when they saw us the next day we were asked, "Did we make it on the fridge"? We said sorry no, it was not a good picture so we need to do it again. We then got this next shot. It was so funny because Elder Bower was not expecting Elder Peck to jump up which made the shot even better.
What do you think REPICTUREATOR material? The look on Elder Bower face is classic!

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