Saturday, October 13, 2012

Does the Mormon Faith build better leaders?

This is Elder Doug Johnson, he served here in Chuuk with us and has now returned home. We are so proud of him because he has continued his mission back in the states. Elder Johnson learned to speak the Chuukese language really well, as do all of our Elders that serve here. Many of them have returned home now and they are working on the translation team whether it be as Interpreter or Translator.
Every moment of every day missionary companionships rise at the same time in a shared room. They proselytize for 10 hours a day, six days a week for 24 months. Over the course of their mission each individual rotates through two or three companions. One person is always assigned a senior role, usually on the strength of the time served. Guidelines are laid out in a pocket-sized handbook that they carry with them.
This is a picture of the newest Elders that just arrived here in Chuuk State. The senior companion will teach his new Elder the language. Only 2 Elders in this group have been out over a year. These Elders learn total emphasis on self sufficiency and hard work.
Most of the young people who serve a mission have been learning since they were 18 months old. Beginning in nursery, where they learn to sit quiet, say opening and closing prayers in front of the class, sing songs, share toys with other class mates and learn scripture stories. Once a week, every year, they keep learning... line up on line. Then the day comes when they are ready to share what they have been blessed with others. As with many of the Chuuk Elders that served here over the years, they continue to bless the lives of the people they have grown to love and had to leave. Good bless the missionaries!
The answer to the caption; Does the Mormon Faith build better leaders? The answer is Yes, according to Bloomberg Business Week June 09, 2011 who did a great write up regarding missionaries. Check it out... the title is God's MBA's.

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