Saturday, October 27, 2012

Every now and then you just have to have some FuN!

The past week we have had the new couples in the mission visiting our islands. We have been planning for their visit for several weeks. This day we took the family History Couple Elder and Sister Olsen to a village called Sapuk. It is very beautiful up that way and we have a church in this area and also a missionary companionship.
Cars are left on the island pretty much everywhere and anywhere. If it dies the jungle gets to have it. We decided we needed to stop and take a picture of us on one of these landmarks. "Come on E.T., get on the car"
The big green leaf plant is called Taro. They eat it when it gets big. They dig it up and eat the root. It is washed, peeled, cut and boiled, then pounded. Then they add in coconut milk and some sugar. It actually tastes okay. They use the big leaves to wrap the food in for cooking and storage.
When the leaves get very large you can occasionally find someone using one as an umberella.
~ ET showing off his Taro ears ~
We wanted to show the Humanitarian missionaries the Mwan Branch church. The view there is amazing and the water was very pretty this day but it was sunny and hot. This is Ronald Honey, what a fun guy he is to have around. We never stopped laughing.

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  1. Dear Elder and Sister Tiffany -- We wanted to thank you again for your kindness to us while we were traveling through Chuuk -- you were so helpful to us (tall Americans) a few days ago at the airport and at the Truk Stop again during breakfast. We're grateful. And it looks like you're doing amazing humanitarian work there in Chuuk - so thank you and good luck! We'll be following your good work. All of our best to you, Colleen and Pete (