Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The Luxury of Senior Missionary living...

May we be filled with gratitude for the right of choice, accept the responsibility of choice, and ever be conscious of the results of choice.
This is our double oven setup :) We have baked brownies, muffins, cookies, burrito's, and lasagna in that little oven. 

They don't always come out looking great but they taste pretty good.  The 3 tower setup is our water filter, it is hooked up to the faucet so we have clean and safe water to drink.
This is our only shelf that holds a one burner stove. Sister Tiffany has learned the art of keeping food warm as she prepares a meal.   We use the large frying pan when cooking for our big eater Elders and for making pancakes. The smaller one we use for other meals, usually pasta or stir fry.  We do have a toaster but we don't use it because it is messy with crumbs and Sister Tiffany doesn't like to feed the bugs.  We did purchase a blender for morning smoothies and icy cold lemonade drinks on a hot day... The plastic box underneath is for our pans, bowls and cooking utensils.  

You need a plastic container that seals pretty good to keep things clean. Oh, living in the tropics has its challenges! 

This is our entire kitchen > we have no cupboards. We purchased that small plastic shelf for our dishes.  We do have a nice water cooler dispenser for after we filter our water of course.  See that huge fridge, anyone that know us knows how full our fridge is at home, well that little one is stuffed to the gills but we have learned condensing.  The rules when eating at Elder and Sister Tiffany's house are; make a mess, clean it up and NO left overs... The pictures on the side of the fridge are of the Elders, it is a calendar with other pictures on it. We couldn't see why we wanted strangers on our fridge when we could have the boys we love so much on it.   

This is a different view from the kitchen looking over to our bedroom.  That bookshelf is where we keep our books and pictures of our Family.  We could use a lot more pictures - hint. Yup that's the tour of luxury living here in the tropics.  One room, one bath, one burner and a lot of love...

We are engaged in the work of the Lord Jesus Christ. We, like those of olden times, have answered His call. We are on His errand. We shall succeed in this solemn charge

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