Sunday, August 12, 2012

Kopwe fakkun pechukun!

We have a couple of Elders that have had injuries this past week, so we needed to do a follow up and make sure they are healing.  Here in Chuuk our wounds don't heal the same as at home.  They tend to get infected easily so it is important to do followups with the Elders,  (boys will be boys).  The first line of defense we teach them is to give your companion a blessing.  "A priesthood blessing is a conferral of power over spiritual things. Though it cannot be touched or weighed, it is of great significance in helping us overcome obstacles". 

Elder Allred has his pants rolled up because he is trying to get air to his wounds and dry them out to heal.  Elder Fisher cut his hand with a machette and just left the hospital to get his stitches out.  They are both healing well and happy to be pechukun again.  
~ ZL Elder Allred, Elder Fisher, ZL Elder Shakespear, Elder Walters ~
Patterns are templates, guides, repeating steps, or paths one follows to stay aligned with God’s purpose. If followed, they will keep us humble, awake, and able to discern the voice of the Holy Spirit from those voices that distract us and lead us away. The Lord then instructs us, “He that trembleth under my power shall be made strong, and shall bring forth fruits of praise and wisdom, according to the revelations and truths which I have given you” (D&C 52:17)
As we have stated before, the Lord only sends the pechukun Elders here! These young Elders are amazing and have strong faith. 
ZL Elder Shakespear says he is very, very tired... We told him that is what makes a great missionary!!!
"As we seek Heavenly Father's guidance, the Holy Ghost will help us prepare for and endure".

 “To love the Lord is not just counsel; it is not just well-wishing. It is a commandment. … Love of God is the root of all virtue, of all goodness, of all strength of character, of all fidelity to do right" 
President Gordon B. Hinckley 

We are very happy to be serving with all of these great young men.  We want them to have fulfilling experiences here so they may lead our church and our members in righteous paths and principles.  They truly are the light of a generation.  
We are engaged in the work of the Lord Jesus Christ. We, like those of olden times, have answered His call. We are on His errand. 

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