Monday, August 6, 2012

Celebrating Birthday's

The Joseph family have 4 small children. We took each one a fun colored ball to play with.
Sister Joseph made Sister Tiffany a beautiful skirt for her birthday.  
Celebrating Sister Tiffany's birthday in Chuuk has been such a blessing.  She happens to share her day with many people that mean the world to her, from our Grand-daughter Kya who celebrates her wedding anniversary that day, to having her great, great neice born  on that same day.  
Also, here in Chuuk, is a small boy named Brady, that we have fallen in love with who also shares her day.  To celebrate her birthday this year, we took a couple of extra days in Guam and checked out the island, but more importantly, we got to eat some fresh vegetables.  
When we arrived back in Chuuk for her actual birthday, we celebrated it with Brady and his family... She helped Brady with his cake, hence the messy face and he was not happy about it :)  
Overall, it was a wonderful day full of love, friendship and a lot of laughing.  


  1. Happy Birthday Sister Tiffany. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR TAKING CARE OF MY SON, ELDER VEHIKITE. May you have a great birthday today Sister Tiffany. I hear you are only 21 now. I'm grateful to know there are great people like you and Brother Tiffany who looks out for our missionary. Merry Christmas.

    Much live Sister Vehikite.

  2. Thank you and you are welcome. We love your son and happy to serve with him. If we can do anything for you from here just let us know. Merry Christmas!