Sunday, March 25, 2012

Visiting with the Joseph Family

When we were out doing the GSP work, we stopped by to ask President Joseph for his help. He is 1st counselor to the District President.
They were busy working in the yard and happy we stopped by so they could take a break. They don't have many weed eaters here on the island, when they cut grass, weeds etc., they use a BIG knife like the one Sister Joseph is holding.
Sister Tiffany with Sister Joseph AND a great BIG knife...
President Joseph preparing Coconuts to drink
The group enjoying the meat inside the coconut after drinking them. Even the puppy, kitty and Rooster like eating fresh coconut.
Go Elder Tiffany, go Slam it!
Throw the ball President, throw the ball...
What a fun afternoon. We enjoyed drinking fresh coconuts and visiting > the mix game of baseball, football and dodgeball for the men was a good workout but they had a lot of fun. We truly love the Joseph Family.

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