Monday, March 12, 2012

Gone back pack'in

The Church of Jesus Christ donated 200 backpacks with kits today to the students in the Penia school. These kids were so excited to get new pack backs and because they were JanSport brand, it made it all the better. They were really excited so they greeted us at the front of the school.
Service changes people. It refines, purifies, gives a finer perspective, and brings out the best in each one of us. It gets us looking outward instead of inward. It prompts us to consider others’ needs ahead of our own. Righteous service is the expression of true charity, such as the Savior showed. The Mwan Young Men and Young Women along with their leaders helped put the kits and backpacks together and helped deliver them to the kids, along with the Elders, Branch Presidency and District Presidency. What a special day for the kids of Penia. The older kids emjoyed giving service to these young children.
We even had one young lady that was very sick and in a lot of pain, come and do her part. Look how swollen her face is she went to the dentist Sunday after church, they did nothing to help her. I was so upset I had her mom talk to our Mission Dr. Archibald and he gave this beautiful young girl some medicine to help her. We pray she will be feeling better soon. She is a tough little thing for as much pain as she is. We are going to miss Dr. Archibald when he goes home next month. He and Sister Archibald have been a excellent addition to the Chuuk zone.
Elder Tiffany enjoying himself giving out the back packs to the students. Service helps us establish true values and priorities by distinguishing between the worth of material things that pass, and those things of lasting, even eternal, value. Our beloved prophet counsels: “If you would find yourself, learn to deny yourself for the blessing of others. Forget yourself and find someone who needs your service, and you will discover the secret to the happy, fulfilled life.
Service helps us establish a righteous tradition. This is so necessary, particularly among young people. Wise parents will provide service opportunities in the home for their children from an early age. Growing up with this tradition will blossom into community service and Church service. It will develop a spirit of volunteerism in a world where people more often ask, “What’s in it for me?” The Lord has counseled: “For behold, it is not meet that I should command in all things;

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