Thursday, March 29, 2012

~Life is a test; trials are opportunities to show that you will be faithful~

Truly the work here is going forward inspite of the many challenges that have been coming our way. On Monday our Zone leaders came home from Guam and they had lost the keys to the truck, church and apartment. We were there to greet them and as we all know here on Chuuk... sometimes things change really fast so you must be prepared.(boy scout motto)
Change of plans! Knowing that these things happen, you can prepare for them and, therefore, endure them better. We gathered them up, feed them dinner, traded our car for Dr. Archibald's truck so they would have a vehicle to drive. We wouldn't need one until Tuesday afternoon because we were going to be visiting the outer islands doing GPS.
We were told we would be taking the big boat with our boat driver Esmate. I jokingly said the fugitives ride again you see it has been 2 weeks since our boat incident and things are now in the courts (or at least we hope)we are not aloud to go out to that island yet. GOOD NEWS we did not have to take the big boat we took the small boat for the day. :)
After coming in from the islands Sister Tiffany didn't feel well. She started taking a Zpack that our neighborhood doctor Ed from the states prescribed (what a lifesaver he is) the last few days of feeling a little ill, she is doing great now and ready to get on with the work.
We have several Elders that have medical problems but we are praying and hoping everyone will regain good health. To gain strength in our struggles, we must have a positive perspective of the principles in the plan of salvation. We must realize that we have a personal Savior whom we can trust and turn to in our times of need. We must also learn and live the principles that the Lord has given to receive the strength needed during our struggles.
We will move on Monday to our new apartment on the otherside of the island. All 13 Elders will be here to help us. Did I tell you how much we love these Elders and what great young men they are :)
We haven't had rain for about a week so right now it is very hot and dusty. Not a good day for a flat tire. Elder Tiffany had an appointment within 20 minutes would he make it?
YES with the help of good Chuukese men, Elders and The Good Lords help we were able to get him there on time, feed the Zone Leaders and repair the tire. We then received a phone call from Guam, package with a key that may work in the Zone leaders truck? We said a prayer together and sure enough the key worked...

“When the burdens of life become heavy, when trials test one’s faith, when pain, sorrow, and despair cause the light of hope to flicker and burn low, communication with our Heavenly Father provides peace.”

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