Monday, March 12, 2012

This family is just wonderful

This is Sister Malinta Alik, she is such a great lady, always laughing and willing to learn. She attends our English class each week and keeps everyone smiling. She is married to "Raiton" (pronounced "Right on"), so we have nicknamed her "Far Out". We have such a great time with them. Their daughter is getting baptized this month and we are very happy for them. What a special family.
This is Raiton, Malinta and her Sister Oriko. What FUN people. They are showing off their new reading glasses. Gifts from Centerville, Utah. Our home ward in "Centerville" has been mailing us reading glasses for the people here on the island, because it is difficult to get them here. It is so wonderful to know that they will now be able to read the scriptures and the magazines that the church puts out. We are very happy for them and we Thank our home ward for all the love and support they give us.
This is a picture of the family but a few of the older kids are missing. This was taken when we were getting the address with the GPS locator. We decided it would be extra fun to start taking pictures for the Branch President to have as well for home teaching and visiting teaching purposes.

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