Thursday, March 1, 2012

Village chief and beautiful bride

This is Elder Enrich's family, they are such lovely people. Normally when you go out and meet the members you are greeted with some local food or drink. Our past experiences have been it don't taste very good > but today when we arrived at the house 3 men were out making breadfruit. After visiting a few minutes we were offered some. It was very well prepared and tasted good. Elder Tiffany was handed a big leaf to use for a plate, but he thought the leaf was given to him to fan himself because it was hot. Funny how you "live and learn" no one said anything and was very polite to us. After awhile you have to wonder if they think you've gone daft, and we're off to the next learning experience. We had a wonderful visit with the family and the Elders introduced us to their new investigator here with her son.

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