Saturday, March 24, 2012

Update on the Boat

Apparently the claim to the boat in question, has something of a bogus nature to it. Their claim, we have found, is not exactly up to snuff. The authorities have neglected to get involved for the most part, but that hasn't negated any of the fervor on the part of the crew trying to get it. They have filed a grievance with the local court system but their claim so far remains in the "dead letter file" as far as the Church and the District is concerned. Mission President Meacham has stated that they will not get the boat and they can go to whatever degree they need to.
The mission work advances amid the efforts by the adversary to stop it. We will be back on the island soon to carry on. Our Elders, in the mean time, are there to assist and teach the people.
Elder Malit and Elder Sofele

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