Sunday, June 3, 2012

"Reggi" going to the Temple...

This is Reginald William Harrington the 4th.  Otherwise known as "Reggi".   He is the 4th because one evening we came home and we had 4 little guys hanging around chasing each other on our bedroom wall.  We started out with one.  Sister Tiffany was okay with it, but Elder Tiffany said 4 was just to many.
We trapped the others and put them outside, but this little fella is a Super fast runner.  He runs around all over the apartment, he makes a little sound like a bird.  We don't want him to get big.  When they get big that pretty little bird sound gets loud, and so does his poop. We don't want to see or clean up his poop. Otherwise, he has got to go.
Sister Tiffany was writing emails when she looked up and Reggi was hanging out heading to the Temple.  See even he knows how important it is to go to the Temple.
"Righteous little gecko"

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