Tuesday, June 12, 2012

A Coupla OK Boys

Last Sunday these three guys from Oklahoma showed up for our services. Norm, Art and Brad. Brad left on Monday before we could get a picture of him. They had spent the week diving here and wanted to go to church. We are always happy to see members from the States. They were welcomed in and sat down, from there they didn't understand a word that was said. Fortunately, the gospel is the same everywhere throughout world. Same procedures, different languages. The Spirit abides and we are all blessed.
We arranged for them to be taxi'd on Monday by Samon Joseph, the second counselor in our District Presidency who drives a taxi. He showed them the sights and gave them a great tour of our little Island. They, in turn, kept us laughing and having fun.

Art says "What is in store for us today"?

This is our little cold coconut shop. Art couldn't wait so he got two and drank one while they opened the rest of them.
We also scored a bag of potatoes. The breadfruit (wrapped in leaves) were left on the table.
Not one of our fave's ya know

We went out and visited one of the area's called Penia, we stopped by a school and there was a local women's group holding a meeting where they were teaching sewing and enjoying lunch. Of course the Chuukese people are very warm and invited us in. Art told them he could sew and they all laughed and that was all it took > He began showing off his talent at the sewing table, much to the surprise of these ladies. (Men today here don't know how to sew) "OK girls you just fold here and stitch there." "OK, Somebody hurry and fan him and maybe we can get him to finish the rest of this pile." hehe . . .

Norm added some much needed piece's to his ensemble. The clutch and over the shoulder bag shown here.
The guys wanted to purchase some jewelry for their wives and these lovely ladies were so impressed they pulled out every piece they had been working on and sold it at a great price to them. The purses are handmade and the ladies filled them up so they could take them home.

Hangin in the hood (or is that on the hood). We call this "kukuno" here in Chuuk. Our OK boys took right to it, understanding the concept to a tee. Soon they'll be trying to flash those hand signs when the cameras come out.

Okay . . . not what we had in mind for hand signs. These are good guys from Oklahoma but they really gotta understand this 'hangin in the hood' stuff better.

Here they are at the Cop Shop. Tried to get a drivers License but the Computer was unplugged.
So long guys and thanks for the laughs and the memories, among many other things.
Kot epwe nom roem ach chusefan! God be with you till we meet again!

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